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Name: Eleanor
Western Star Sign: Gemini - The Twins
Chinese Zodiac (Animal):
Ox - The Logical
Western Element:  Air - Thought
Chinese Element: Wood - Mù
Planet: Mercury - Inconstant
Yin-Yang Symbol: Yin
Celtic Druid Zodiac: Ash Tree - The Ambitious

Birthstone: Pearl - Integrity
Divine Number: 1 - The Leader
Season: Spring
Divine Color: Cream - The Competitive
Day of the Week: Sunday

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Send me a Moomin character!

Moomintroll: Who is your closest friend?
Snorkmaiden: Do you daydream often? What about?
Moominpappa: Are you spontaneous?
Moominmamma: Are you responsible?
Snufkin: Describe your ideal trip.
The Joxter: What is the laziest thing you’ve ever done?
The Mymble: Describe three ways to win your heart.
The Mymble’s Daughter: Do you get along with your family?
Little My: Can you keep secrets?
Hodgkins: What is your greatest achievement? Your greatest dream?
The Muddler: Do you collect anything?
Sniff: What is your most prized possession?
The Hemulen: Tell us about one thing that fascinates you.
The Fillyjonk: What are some of your pet peeves?
The Groke: Do you often feel misunderstood?
Misabel: What is the meanest thing anyone has ever said to/about you?
Sorry-oo: Have you ever tried too hard fit in?
The Hobgoblin: If you could have anything you wanted (material or otherwise), what would you wish for?
Ninny: Name five things that never fail to cheer you up.
Too-ticky: Share an important piece of advice.

HAPPY 2014

2013 was an important year for me in terms of personal growth. I have really started to become more comfortable in myself and by the end of it I’ve realised that I have lost some of the shyness which has crippled me my whole life. I’ve gained some self confidence and my style has also matured. It was also the year that exercise became an important part of my life. Previously my lazy tendencies always got the better of me but now exercise has become part of who I am. It’s strengthened my mind as well as my body. I completed a 10k charity run in June which is something I never thought I was capable of.

Throughout this ‘personal growth’ it hasn’t always been easy. There have been times when the changes have been painful, or even felt overwhelming and I’ve reverted back to my former self for a few days.

Highlights of the year included: going to a Muse gig, travel - visiting Majorca and Egypt, Cluedo night, days out with friends/family and nights out with my colleagues. I’ve been blessed to have such wonderful people in my life to share these good times with.

In summary, 2013 was mostly positive for me and I’m excited to see what I can achieve in 2014. As well as some life changing decisions I will have to make, my main goals for 2014 are to become more organised at home, make use of my creative abilities more and continue to grow in confidence.

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Camden snapshots.

Style File: Marie Schrader
top: coast // skirt: austin reed // cardigan: edinburgh wollen mill // shoes: clarks

The first in a series of ‘work wear’ posts. Purple has been one of my consistent colours to wear in the office since starting working life.

I think I could wander aimlessly around London for weeks and not tire of the little details

Recent hauls


Abandoned buildings in Majorca